OK here’s a question. Why is it that Democrats still don’t understand how values voters vote for president? (Here’s one good example; scroll down and look at Nancy Pelosi’s comments right after the election) You’ve also probably noticed that every time the issue of “morals and values” comes up when discussing the election the pundits say…”hey it’s that gay-marriage thing…those Jesus Land freaks just showed up because they hate gays and want to outlaw abortion.”

First, I don’t believe that’s what motivated the conservative turnout (Slate.com also has a good article that questions that theory). Given the internals of the polls that showed how much more faith Americans had in Bush compared to Kerry when it came to handling the war on terrorism, I think it’s reasonable to believe that (given Iraq was tops in the news) conservatives showed up because they felt that Bush was better equipped to be commander in chief.

One of the reasons I believe that: even AFTER the debate where Bush was clearly pummelled by the Yale debate club champion, voters felt even MORE confident in Bush’s ability to handle terrorism. But the question is: WHY? Kerry is so obviously smarter, right? Why does the average American have even MORE confidence in Bush after he gets his butt handed to him by Kerry in the first debate.

Why? Moral values.

“Huh? Moral values? What does that have to do with terrorism.”

Very simple: the “moral values” that conservatives hold dear when they vote for the commander-in-chief is not his support for gay marriage or keeping “under God” in the pledge, or his opposition to abortion or stem-cell research, although these issues are important. What’s important to them is how the President makes decisions. Americans were listening when Kerry talked about how his faith is very personal to him but he didn’t “wear his religion on his sleeve”. First, they didn’t believe him, and second they didn’t like the idea of someone in the Oval Office making life and death decisions without having a moral foundation and guidance from a higher power. Now you can say that all of the conservatives in “Jesus-land” are just crazy religious fanatics. But my contention is this:

Even though the large majority of Americans believe in a higher power, they DON’T all truly make decisions on a daily basis based on their faith; however they REALLY like the idea of their President being humble enough to do just that. You see, middle America sees that faith as a strength, not a weakness. AND what these values voters picture as the alternative is indecisiveness and a lack of real direction. If you look at how Kerry made decisions throughout most of his campaign, you can get a good picture of how folks in “Jesus Land” felt that Kerry would make decisions from the Oval office. And they just didn’t like that idea.

So if you’re still wondering whether “moral values” or national security really motivated the conservative voter, the answer is yes.

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Who came up with the stupid idea of asking voters if they voted on “moral values?”

Who doesn’t vote on moral values?

Today’s Wall Street Journal has nice editorial refuting that tripe. And, as hard as this may be to believe, NY Times columnist David Brookes had a similair column the other week. (I guess it shouldn’t be too suprising, he’s one of their two conservative colmunists….But still…)

“Moral Values”

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