I read a pretty good little blog on the hypocrisy of the “multiculturalists”. Have you ever noticed that every civilization, culture, creed, religion deserves to be treated equally and fairly–except white devout Southern Protestants (who, incidentally, overwhelmingly supported our President in the recent election). Somehow bush tribes in Africa and Muslim extremists are given a better shake than “evangelicals” and “Christian conservatives” which are the dominant culture over 3/4 of our country.

“Tolerance” only applies if: a) it doesn’t involve Christianity and b) it does involve a minority.

It seems their hypocrisy knows no bounds.

Update: It was brought to my attention that I didn’t have sufficient backup for my “dominant culture over 3/4 of the country”, so here’s one example. It appears that 82% of the nation considers themselves Christian, including some of the blue states like Wisconsin, Rhode Island, Minnesota. (here’s another from the exit polls).

Possibly Muslim extremists should have been left out of the post, because it wasn’t central to the issue I was getting at, which is the lack of respect that the intellectual left has for Southern Christian conservatives. And if you want good examples of how Christianity is every bit as discriminated against as the Q’uran, I would suggest a book titled “Persecution” by David Limbaugh. I’ll save other weblinks for a later post, but I’ll blindly post to David’s website, which I haven’t had the chance to read.

Imagine if the Bible was on the reading list at UNC, do you think that would have gone over real well? If it had been tossed off the list as too controversial, would the multiculturalists have blinked? Not sure, but my hunch is probably not.

Either way, thanks for calling me on the lack of support to my statistics.

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I’m watching MSNBC with my roommate and there’s a program called “Scarborough Country” running a story tagged with the flashy red-white-&blue graphic “Solid American Values” while promoting an upcoming story about (and clearly condemning) how the ACLU filed a lawsuit recently against some public schools for putting religion or something about God in the classroom. My roommate changed the channel before I could see the package (its his tv). I don’t always condone such extreme measures to address or counter the use of religion in public institutions (I say keep state and religion separated, though you may disagree), but the ranting in the show, this equating “Strong American Values” with the Bible and Christian values, led me to wonder what would happen if somebody tried putting the Quran in a school here in the U.S. But pause on that thought.

Butch said on Weddnesday…
” ‘Tolerance’ only applies if: a) it doesn’t involve Christianity and b) it does involve a minority.”

Butch also said that “somehow bush tribes in Africa and Muslim extremists are given a better shake than “evangelicals” and “Christian conservatives” which are the dominant culture over 3/4 of our country.”

I’m not sure what to make of that claim. Without any secific cases and numbers to prove that point, to be honest, I’m not particularly interested in this complaint. But I’ll take that challenge and offer you up this: 1.2 billion people on this planet are Islamic. That means their religious text is the Quran. How tolerant are we really towards this very large religious community (second largest in the world?) The leaders of our country, namely members of our current administration and some Congressional Party members (see below for specific quotes) have not only shown to be outwardly intolerant regarding the Quran but have equated it with terrorism. For them Quran = fundamentalist Islam = terrorist.

I’ll site a specific case. You may have heard about the North Carolina University (Chapel Hill) that included into its Freshmen curriculum reading assignments from a book that was a survey of the Quran ( Michael Sells’ “Approaching the Qu’ran: The Early Revelations” see on amazon http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/1883991269/qid=1100923921/sr=2-1/ref=pd_ka_b_2_1/103-2663599-7773445). The point of this assignment seems pretty clear. Americans in general know relatively little about the cultures of the Middle East, whic, like Judaism, is molded largely by their religion and this was a logical way to teach kids about a text, religion, and culture. Other people thought differently and the book was banned from the curriculum by the state. You can read articles about it…




How tolerant was this state’s ruling? How tolerant was NC state Rep (R) Wayne Sexton when he said “Just think of what it costs to protect ourselves from this faction, and here we are promoting it”? Or Rep. Gene Arnold (R) when he said “I see this as insensitive, arrogant and poor timing to allow students to read about our attackers”? People who say this and believe this equate the Quran with terrorists. A religious text that inspires violence? By that logic we might deduce that the acts of terrorism in England and Northern Ireland against the loyalists are also inspired by a religious text, the Bible (Catholics versus Protestants). But we know that, despite what some may say even within these groups, these struggles are not relgion-inspired. Are they not, as they have always been, territorial disputes under the banner of religion?

How tolerant are you? My family, who, God bless them, is so staunchly Republican and so right-wing Southern Baptist that they practically shit Bible verses, would be more than delighted if kids were praying to Jesus every morning in school. How would they react if it were mandated that kids pray to Allah or even to just read out of the Quran? You can guess. How would you react? How tolerant are you?


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