Here’s an interesting story out of the real U of L:

I’m assuming this guy couldn’t have been serious, and I don’t (knowing no more than I do) necessarily think he should be fired. However, it makes you wonder what would happen if we took control of our government away from “warmongerers” and gave the reigns to the “academic elite”.

There are some pretty funny comments following the article as well.

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Posted by johnny b @ 12/15/2004 11:21 AM PST
McTighe was quoted by student columnist Brian Yates as saying “It was the religious zealots who say they were voting on morals. I think we should all buy AK47’s and shoot them all! That’s what I would suggest, if it were allowed.”

On behalf of religious zealots everywhere, I quote a brilliant almost leader of our time by saying, “Bring it on!” Chances are the zealots have a helluva lot more guns than he does.

Aah…the wisdom of Academia…

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