Interesting little tid bit about the evil Christian-based organization, the Boy Scouts of America. Over the last few years it seems to have been the goal of the ACLU to make sure that the Boy Scouts should not be able to easily influence young minds into thinking that there was such thing as a God. Apparently “…to do my duty to God and my country” is just downright proselytical, so they managed to get the Pentagon to agree to not let military bases directly sponsor Boy Scout troops. (there are tons of articles on this…just google “boy scouts ACLU” at the top; the American Legion is coming out in full force against the move by the Pentagon).

Apparently the ACLU cannot get over the Supreme Court case in favor of the Boy Scouts that said it was legal for them not to allow homosexuals in their ranks, so they are trying to do what they can to squash the BSA by making sure they are not allowed access to any sponsorship anywhere close to our sacred, “religion-free” goverment.

ANYWAY, the Boy Scouts have decided to take a little bit of a pot shot back at them through their popcorn drive. Every year around Christmas-time the Boy Scouts sell “Trails-end” popcorn, and the troop in Richmond decided yesterday that it would be a good idea to sell popcorn…guess where?…right on the front steps of the national headquarters of the ACLU (

Even better, a popular conservative talk show host named Glenn Beck happened to be in town and made a pretty good show on the air of buying about 300 bags of popcorn.

By the way if you want to buy some popcorn, click here (and put in the code: TE3Y29) and the troop in Richmond will get the credit, I hear the “Buttery Light” is real good.

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Boy Scouts and the ACLU

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