The Washington Post has an appropriately headlined article:

“A Boy for You, a Girl for Me: Technology Allows Choice; Embryo Screening Stirs Ethics Debate”

The gist of it is, families have the ability now to choose which sex they want their kid to be. So here we are again, possibly at a crossroads of science and morality, and the major debate is between “choice” and “ethics”.

Are we opening up Pandora’s box here? (Did anyone see Gattaca? One of my favorite movies, and incredibly underrated. I suggest renting it; not for the ethical themes but for the other life’s lessons that accompany it.) Not to sound too much like the moralist, but is there a line here. I don’t for sure know whether the gender choice is it, however it starts with simply trying to make sure the child is healthy, nothing wrong with that, right? Gene choosing has been going on for years in China (albeit the methods might be different). So what happens if the parents want a star football player, or a scientist?

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The Battle between “Choice” and “Ethics”

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