I did catch some interesting statistics on Dr. What’s his Name’s website:

  • 100,000 dead in last two years of the Ethiopian-Eritrean war; 1,000,000 refugees
  • 780,000 Angolan refugees in recent months of fighting
  • 30,000 Kurds killed in Turkey, 1,000,000 refugees (NATO member,US weapons)
  • 25,000 killed, 1,000,000 refugees in Columbia, just given $1.3B US military aid
  • 80,000 dead in Algeria
  • 850,000 dead in Rwanda during the last five years
  • 1,500,000 million dead in Sudan during the last 15 years
  • 200,000 killed by Guatemala government while receiving US military aid
  • 200,000 E. Timorese killed (1/3 of total) by Indonesia given $1billion US

    You want to see some more interesting statistics on these countries?

    • Ethiopia: UN Member since 1945
    • Angola: UN Member since 1976
    • Turkey: UN Member since 1945
    • Columbia: UN Member since 1945
    • Algeria: UN Member since 1962
    • Rwanda: UN Member since 1962
    • Sudan: UN Member since 1956
    • Guatemala: UN Member since 1945
    • East Timor: UN Member since 2002

    Now in what way is the US responsible for Ethiopia, Eritria, Angola, Algeria, Rwanda, or the Sudan? And why doesn’t the UN take any responsibility for the safety of their members? Why is it that our loving media crucifies CEOs of companies like Tyco, Arthur Anderston, Enron, etc., before the ink is even dry on an indictment, and somehow Donald Rumsfeld is responsible for the actions of 7 guards in Iraq. BUT, the thought that Kofi Annan had any hand in the largest embezzling case in the history of mankind is met with “let the investigation complete”.

    Intriquing, isn’t it?

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    The UN…the world’s hope for freedom and democracy

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