Friday, January 21, 2005
Mass e-mail with questions for our Representatives
Polipundit came up with a great idea of sending an e-mail to each of our Representatives and Senators with some basic questions to respond to regarding how they will choose to represent us. If it’s sent enmasse, then the results can be looked at and tallied and analyzed more effectively than if we were all doing it separately. The readers are coming up with some great questions.

However, one of the readers pointed out that when any question comes across to a Congressman that isn’t clearly from an identified constituent, then the response is generally, “I don’t care what you think because you don’t vote for me”.

SO, what a few of us figured is that if we just started with one signor from each state, then when Polipundit sends the questions out in a mass e-mail, then the Senators would have to respond. The goal of course would be to have one signatoree from each Congressional District…all 435 of them. Think we can pull that off?

We can start with the States and once we get all 50 we can go into the districts.

Virginia here. Anyone else in?

UPDATE: So far we have:

South Carolina–Jeannette
Ohio–Johnny B
Maryland–Dianne Russell
California–Janet Nichols
Wyoming–Joel Thompson

Posted at 07:37 pm by Logipundit

Posted by ZBM2 @ 01/21/2005 08:22 PM PST
Count Missouri as represented.

Posted by John Broussard @ 01/21/2005 10:33 PM PST
Sign me up for Ohio for now

Posted by Johnny @ 01/26/2005 12:34 PM PST
Nobody from Louisiana?

So, how does this work? I don’t even know my Ohio rep. I know the Senators, though. When do we do this?

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