Why is universal public schooling listed as an accomplishment of the liberals? Why are America’s public schools so shoddy? No Child Left Behind is pretty new, so we can’t lay all the blame there. I go to graduate school in a biological field and met many graduate students who work in the empirical sciences. I constantly wonder why there are so few Americans in general studying biology rather than, say, studies about racial profiling. This is one reason why I think learning Chinese may not put me at an advantage but may be mandatory if I am to work with future graduate students.

I’m kind of inspired by Scottie here to look at other countries for examples of how they educate their kids. In Taiwan, everybody pays something to send their kids to school. Most people pay tuition. This is an interesting concept, tuition. Until recently, Great Britain didn’t charge it at all, even for University. When Reagan reformed the California school system, students rioted. Now faculty come from all over the world to do research in America. I’m not talking about Asia, although many top notch researchers come from here, but also European professors often come to America. Professors in America get paid, and often work in very beautiful state-of-the-art buildings. It is often a cushy living. Faculty have time to travel to “conferences” (i.e. ski trips) on the school’s dime, and some professors even have time to write anti-american polemical tracts, the royalties of which I’m sure go entirely to third world revolutionaries.

What’s my point, besides verbally harassing professors? Some professors get paid a lot of money because they are very productive and kick-ass research. In some cases, they may even deserve a six-figure income for the research they bring to the table. Why not unleash tuition on public schools? Why not give parents a choice as to whether they want to pay tuition for their kids now rather than pay property taxes for the rest of their lives? That way they can send their kids to whatever school they can afford. And even if a crack addict, or graduate student, can’t pay full price, they should pay something.

BTW, Taiwan is #2 in Math and Science, and Reading education (Hong Kong and Singapore are city states and don’t count as “countries” in my opinion. Japan is #1, and they charge tuition as well.


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