Here is the start of a picture gallery (a new feature here on These are the two pictures that Johnny sent me of the beneficiaries of Taiwan’s extensive social welfare program.

If any of you authors want to create an image gallery, feel free. Just send me the pictures in a zipfile and I’ll put them up. Make sure the pictures aren’t too big, though. (Johnny’s had to be shrunk because their resolution were literally double the size of the average computer screen.) There’s a limit of space.

Make it a good one.

Posted at 09:15 am by Logipundit

Posted by Johnny @ 01/14/2005 05:54 PM PST
How much space do you have?

Posted by BP @ 01/18/2005 11:04 AM PST
50 megabytes. The pictures you sent me, I just cut the resolution in half which of course cuts the size by 75%. If you don’t have a program to shrink the files, let me know and you can either send me the files or we can find a cheap program where you can do it yourself.

Posted by John Broussard @ 01/21/2005 11:49 PM PST
Finally figured out how to post the pictures, now I need to ask YJ to help me cut these pics down to size. I put a couple more big ‘uns. I’ll edit and re-post later.
Picture Gallery

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