Ted Koppell et alia on ABC’s Dateline is letting us know that the Social Security system is NOT in a crisis.


I was worried for a little bit there. The fact that by 2018 the program will begin to pay out (immediately) more than it’s bringing in, but according to Ted, that’s OK.

Thank God. Lord knows we have to make sure if President Bush mentions alternatives to help preserve the SS, we shouldn’t really take him seriously. What would we do without Dateline telling us how to think.

Posted at 11:50 pm by Logipundit

Posted by ondavirg @ 02/09/2005 10:11 PM PST
Hello all…I only know one person who would come up with the name logipundit. I agree that the ‘media’ really is not to be trusted when make generalizations like that. But lets not stop there…lets put a gag order on actors and athletes while we’re at it. At least it is the media’s job to say things that occasionally require original thought on television.

Posted by BP @ 02/10/2005 12:27 PM PST
and who is that one person Doctor, pray tell?

I don’t recommend gag orders, actually. I say let them speak…because the more they speak, the more idiots of themselves they make–that goes for the actors and the media.

It’s no mystery that the ratings of the major media outlets are in the toilet.

Oh Thank God

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