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Anyway, a few weeks ago I was looking at Mother Jones (they’ve got neat cartoons, here’s one, and I read an article about eminent domain. Save for some of the rhetoric, I found myself nodding “yes, yes, yes” to mother jones instead of the customary “no. no. no.” Later, I was listening to some Clear Channel Radio guy (subbing for Rush) talk about the evils of eminent domain. I love these issues where the left and right join forces…it’s kind of like when Magneto helps out the X-men for a couple of issues.

Kind of like gay pro-lifers (

Anyway, what do you guys think? I mean, what if Microsoft or Pfizer or Ben and Jerry’s wants to open up a factory/ shopping mall / theme park / big new thing that is a surefire winner guaranteed to bring in jobs and tax revenue to your dumpy blighted neighborhood. What if the neighborhood is filled with streetwalkers and hustlers, and the only tenant holding out on the big offer is the renovated unitarian church that gives out clean needles on Friday afternoons? If anybody knows about eminent domain out there, I’d love to hear about ‘cuz all I know is what I read here.

(p.s. I’m not saying I know of any neighborhoods like that in Columbus, I’m just saying hypothetically)

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