My apologies for not ever finishing the draft with the Kingdom of Heaven reference. The draft was about the Newsweek article, which by the time I gathered my thoughts, the story had already been beaten to death and I didn’t think it was a worthwhile post.

However, Kingdom is Heaven warrants a post, and although I could never comment as effectively as Teddy Durgin (below–my favorite movie reviewer) I will put it this way: I was very disappointed with the movie, because I always feel that in order for a movie to be effective it must–if not take sides–then at least offer a point of view, any point of view, so that the audience has some feeling for the characters. I really didn’t give a flip about any of the main characters by the end of the movie, and felt very little emotional investment.

That being said, I think some of the overall conclusions of the main character (pretty boy Orlando Bloom) are right on the money. (e.g.–“you know it doesn’t matter who was here first, because the truth is…it wasn’t us, and it wasn’t those guys out there about to kill us…etc..”). But Teddy sums it up best.

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Posted by Mistah Broussard @ 05/29/2005 05:37 PM PDT
I think hundreds of in-flight arrows typically yield $100 mil gross. This movie must be really bad to handicap the “in-flight arrow” effect.

Posted by Mistah Broussard @ 05/29/2005 05:38 PM PDT
So why did the newsweek article make you want to watch this again…so you can not take sides in the war on terror?

Posted by BP @ 05/29/2005 07:10 PM PDT
Sort of…the mainstream media’s attempt to “be objective” by concentrating on anything that can make the US, the military in general, and the Bush administration in particular, look bad, without any regard to rational thought or journalistic integrity makes me so angry I would almost want to put myself through another two hours of mind-numbing political correctness–with the hope that my head would simply explode and I wouldn’t haven’t to read or watch the news again…

Or something like that…does that help?

Kingdom of Neutrality and Political Correctness
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