I believe our friend, the Professor, would enjoy this page:


It is complete with a running ticker to show how much aid the US has given Israel so far….getting close to $100 billion. My favorite, though, is the comparison with how many Palestinian children have been killed versus how many Israeli children have been killed.

My second favorite is the comparison between the number of UN resolutions against Israel compared to the zero resolutions against Palestine. I believe that’s in the “case in point” category. I’m increasingly getting the feeling that the anti-semitics of the world (and that’s what we’re talking about…it’s growing hard to rationalize it any other way) need to look in the mirror and understand this:

If it’s true that the American people have been duped by their government into believing that they are a force for good and not evil, while they are in fact just oil hungry capitalists, then it’s at least fair to say that the Chomskyites of the world have similar delusions about the relevance of the United Nations. In other words, if the peace-loving Palestinian sympathizers would just have the balls to admit that the UN is (currently) without a doubt the most useless body politic in the history of the known universe, then it might be easier for those of us “in the dark” to swallow a little American pride.

The truth however, is that the Chomskyite crowd which consistently claims not to be liberal but actually classically conservative, has embraced one undeniably “liberal” trait: results matter less than intentions. The US is held responsible for everything that happens wrong with the world and is expected to financially and militarily intervene when the UN deems it’s worthy (as long as it’s not Muslims persecuting other Muslims). The US ends communism, naziism, and wages an arguably impossible war on terrorism with little or no help from the UN, but the UN is lauded for resolutions….resolutions like the one that determined that what was happening in Darfur was not actually “genocide”. Meanwhile the US is bitched at for not doing anything about it.

My point is…credibility is lost when one slams the US while consistently citing, applauding and supporting an institution as blatantly corrupt, self serving and completely ineffectual as the UN.
Just something to keep in mind.

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Posted by Em @ 06/30/2005 07:34 PM PDT
It’s not so much that there may be more Palestinian children dying than the Isreali children that scares me. What scares me (and I know this doesn’t account for all of the children but…) are the Palestinian parents who send their kids to be homicide bombers. These parents should be hauled away and stuck in Chinese prisons; our prison system is too good and fluffy for them.

Posted by scottie @ 07/07/2005 09:46 AM PDT
i can’t belive these last 2 entries. they completely encapsulate the problem with americans being brainwashed ….

1. butch, which of those facts on that page do you challenge?
2. do you still challenge that the US is partial to Israel, to the detriment of the US image worldwide, which causes groups like al-qaida to organize against the US?
3. you are still caught up in labels . when you cannot label an issue or comment appropriately, you have no response. this is not argument.
4. what books fom chomsky have you read? be specific. what arguments of his do you challenge ? be specific. are all people that have read his writing , in your opinion, a “chomskyite” ?
can i label you a rove-ite? can i label you a bush-ite? do the policies of this administration completely encapsulate your political ideologies?
5. at what point do you start to question the US’s actions? how long should the list of US errors be before you start to realize that the US government is harming the world and disenfranchising its people for the gain of privileged few?

in response to em:

in the 7 years prior to 2000 (before the 2nd intifada started), there were 17 suicide attacks in israel. since the 2nd intifada, there have been over 100 attacks. yet, the ratio of palestinians killed to israelis killed in the same time frame are typically 7:2. how do you account for these numbers? do you find these numbers trivial? the US and israel both label suicide bombers as terrorists, but if a suicide bomber kills himself/herself and scores of innocent israelis, then what accounts for the more numerous palestinian deaths? could it be that what’s being reported in the US does NOT match what’s going on over there? israel was found guilty of war crimes in jenin, rafah, et al by groups like humanrightswatch and amnesty and no mention of these occurences in the US mainstream presses? the US turned a blind-eye through it all. when the seige of rafah played out, the UN condemned the murderous incursion, and the US was the lone country on the security council to abstain from the vote. at what point is that little country held accountable?????????????????

please respond

Posted by scottie @ 07/07/2005 09:49 AM PDT
and by the way, butch, i have tried to keep the gloves up in my writing on your blog:

i must take exception to your summary of my arguments as , what did you say, the “jews-are-responsible-for-all-things-evil bullshit”

if israel commits an atrocity, it is an atrocity, even if jews are involved. do you disagree with that statement?

Posted by Johnny B @ 07/08/2005 10:52 AM PDT
I wouldn’t mind being called a hayekian, or a friedmanite (milton, not tom).

Posted by Johnny B @ 07/08/2005 11:00 AM PDT
Interesting coincidence that while this discussion was going on the reports of an attack against a Zionist crusader government were going on.


If we don’t watch out, the Department of Homeland Security will be kicking down our doors (lol?).

Posted by scottie @ 07/10/2005 10:00 AM PDT
i am including a link of amnesty’s report on israel’s conduct in the occupied terrirtories for the year 2004 only. the stats i offered above were for the entire second intifada (since 2000). please read the summary of amnesty in full, and ask yourself the honest question: is the media in the US fairly covering the question of the israel-palestine conflict ?

by the way, amnesty has a squeaky-clean reputation, so please do not try and discredit the report …



Posted by scottie @ 07/10/2005 10:12 AM PDT
see also, if you dare:


Posted by scottie @ 07/10/2005 10:15 AM PDT
the reports only go back to 2003, i think the others are archived

so please visit the sites and please read every word.


A good the-jews-are-responsible-for-everything-that-has-gone-wrong-in-the-world-since-1913-page.

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