On NPR today I heard this: “It’s a victory for the federal government over the free markets today, which might sound strange coming from an administration and congress run by the GOP” (ha ha ha HA ha! says I). Then they say something like, “The Chinese company retracts its bid for Unocal. etc etc.” But isn’t it more like “free trade” to allow a private sector company to remain in the private sector, rather than allow it to go to a “corporation” in which the Chinese government has a 70% stake. Sounds to me like that’s keeping Unocal out of the Chinese public sector. At any rate the administration did nothing about the situation, and the congress preened about like they always do, but did nothing either. The stock for all three companies went up, Chevron raised it’s bid, and the Chinese government feels important about itself. Everybody wins except the folks at NPR and the NYTimes, who, overwraught with self-loathing, secretly wish the Chinese could have bought out Unocal…and Dow Chemical, and Exxon, and Eli Lilly, and General Electric…

Free Trade According to NPR
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