I have a Jewish friend, who voted for Bush, who had an interesting insight. Last weekend he told me, “Israel is pulling out of Gaza on Monday.” We talked and he said, “These people are upset about moving 10 miles away. It would be like getting upset about moving across Columbus. And the palestinians are upset because they had to move twenty miles away 60 years ago.” He basically said the settlers were crazy…

I could appreciate not wanting to move out of my house. Even if I were crazy (e.g. David Koresh), the government shouldn’t have the right to burn down my house and kill me and my crazy cult friends for a minor offense, without due process. However, if I built my compound on an Indian reservation, and the natives didn’t like it, I guess I wouldn’t complain so much (if I were asked to evacuate, not if my house were burned down with me inside it).

I had a palestinian colleague who complained that non-Jews can only vote in certain elections, but not all elections. He was in the middle of a rant and I didn’t want to provoke him, but I thought that at the time (this was a couple of years ago) that the average non-Jew had more say over his government in Israel than in, say, Jordan.

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Posted by Rothell @ 08/18/2005 01:09 AM PDT
I haven’t read all the papers, haven’t seen all the headlines, but what I’ve seen so far regarding the Gaza Strip news is about “Isreal pulling out of the Gaza Strip.” It is about the Israelis and how hard it is for those who obviously don’t want to leave. This is the drama. The drama lies with the Israelis, according to what we
Gaza pullout
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