I just don’t understand this. This makes no sense. http://www.nytimes.com/2005/08/19/national/19ranch.html Number one, why do these illegal immigrants have this sort of access to our legal system. Number two, let’s assume that the illegal immigrants were actually beaten with a gun, and then given cookies and blanket and let go…how in the world do you go from that to…”yep…we have to give these guys the ranch.” Instead of deportatioin, they get a ranch? Someone please explain this to me.

Posted at 01:19 am by Logipundit

Posted by JohnnyB @ 08/26/2005 08:13 AM PDT
Loud and clear, big buddy. Any presidential candidate worth his salt will be standing on an Arizona border giving a speech about our porous borders and this horrible security breech. These immigrants weren’t even from Mexico. The next round of terrorists are definitely coming in through Mexico.

Posted by Brandon Starr @ 09/05/2005 09:51 PM PDT
Yep, that’s an odd duck, alright.

A little like that African country that recently threw out all the white farmers and gave the farms to its black supporters. Now it’s gone from an exporter of food to an importer.

When governments take from the productive and give to the “oppressed,” it only pays to be oppressed.

OK one more time…with the link…WHAT?

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