Wow…you guys have to read this. What an excellent illustration of what it means to have a mind that is completely sealed from rational thought.

This “journey to liberalism” is the most asinine, patronizing, dishonest and irrelevant post I have ever read. I am so humbled, though, for being mentioned in the post (without being mentioned) that I’m going to rethink my entire political philosophy.

I spend 20 minutes a few days ago posting substantive and constructive comments on a couple of websites (including the one above, honestly and sincerely agreeing with this leftist wacko on a certain issue), and then he comes to my site and very politely leaves some comments. THEN once he realizes that I’m an evil conservative…promptly BLOCKS ME FROM COMMENTING ON HIS SITE. All the while I’m trying to have a rational discussion with him regarding conservative (“token” according to him) African Americans. Then he tells me that he’s A BLACK MAN and that he has spoken and after one more comment let’s me know he’s never going to talk to me again.

THEN I get accused of being an opportunist (?????) What in the name of all that is holy does that mean? This guy thinks I commented on his site to drive his EXTENSIVE readership to my site. LMAO. Does anyone see any ads on this site? Johnny is that check in the mail from Google?

WHAT IN THE HELL IS THIS GUY TALKING ABOUT? I can’t believe I’ve wasted this much time with him.

You know what I should do, though? I should become EVEN MORE conservative now, operating on the assumption that all liberals must be as completely void of rational thought as this “Mirror Ball”. That would be in line with Mervinesque logic.

As Vinny would say…”I’m done with this guy”.

Meanwhile visit “The Dispassionate Lib“…I probably disagree with 85% of what the guy says, but at least he is capable of rational thought.

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“Journey to Liberalism”

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