Welcome our new author, Mike “Reagan” Gahagan. At first I was going to make fun of the blatant nature of his chosen author name; then I realized that I’m essentially a Reaganite as well and I’m just hiding not too successfully behind some nonsense name like “Logipundit” which is supposed to make me seem sort of “above it all” and intellectually neutral.

LOL…who the hell am I kidding…so thanks Gahagan for being up front and honest about being a…(OH NO!)conservative. OH, on that note, where are our dissenting authors? It’s getting a little dense with true conservatives in here. Rothell, Scottie, and JimGaddy…we miss you, so POST SOMETHING DAMMIT!! Actually come to think of it, I don’t believe that Gaddy or Rothell have posted yet…like…at all.

Meanwhile, all are welcome to comment…especially if the comments are well reasoned, and if they are not, then unbridled fury from heaven and hell will descend upon you in a torrent that will make Katrina look like a spring shower…OK…maybe not, but we WILL say things like…”Do what?!?” and “What the *&%&@” and you will be ashamed.

Sincerest thanks for visiting…come back anytime.

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