Why are we even surprised that the pledge of allegiance is a problem for the political left and the target of not only the secularists, but an activist extremist judiciary. Atheism is really only part of it after all, “under God” isn’t the only controversial phrase. I’ll go through it phrase by phrase from the “progressive” point of view:

I pledge allegiance
allegiance to what?…the current administration?…isn’t dissent the most American form of thought, not blind allegiance?

to the flag
didn’t we (we the peace protestors that is…like back in the 60s) “fight for the right” to burn these flags if we feel the urge

of the United States of America
I’ll think of something…come back to me

and to the Republic
isn’t that the problem…weren’t we supposed to be a “true” democracy where the average person has actual say so in the day to day affairs of the Government. Isn’t a representative Republic outdated and Aristocratic.

for which it stands
should we stand for anything really…wouldn’t that offend those that stand for something else?

one nation
are we really one nation, or are we “two Americas” made up of the priveleged and underpriveleged?

under God
wow…don’t get me started

we are a nation divided and it is OBVIOUSLY George W. Bush’s fault.

with Liberty and Justice for all
we all know that means liberty and justice for those that are not discriminated against by institutionally gamed system.

So I say dump the whole thing…and let’s come up with a new, more “progressive” pledge of allegiance that really signifies “mainstream” thought in the 21st century. How about this:

I pledge attention to a democracy,
represented by all humans which stand for something
as long as it’s something that everyone can absolutely and resolutely agree on.
One group of citizens under a humanist, socialist society,
where everyone is God so liberty and justice are meaningless words.

Or something like that.

May the great oversoul bless America.

Posted at 11:46 pm by Logipundit

Posted by Mirror Ball @ 09/16/2005 12:51 PM PDT
Very…”witty”, but insightful nonetheless. Nice blog.

Posted by Jordan @ 09/20/2005 07:02 PM PDT
Good job, Butch.
The Pledge of Allegiance

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