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I’ve been keeping an eye on this RSS, XML stuff for a while and told myself I’d try it out after I passed my candidacy exam (guess what, I passed! I am now a PhD candidate! I’m bona fide!) Now I’ve got a little breathing room for blog spelunking, I started looking into these little orange buttons I find on all the big news sites I visited. Turns out you can get all the news you want right on your desktop without bumping around looking for it. I figure half of you reading this will say, “Duh, I knew about that five years ago”, but for the other half, this is cool.

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Some news I just have to share with everyone
For a man recently lauded as top intellectual, TCS investigates hypocrisy in action. This is about the intellectual who shall remain unnamed, for fear of Google Adsense emailing/ads about books I may be interested in. Long story short, a big time academic who make a living speaking and writing about how bad American corporations are has a retirement portfolio filled with American companies. How noble!

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