“South Africa acts for the first time to expropriate a white-owned farm under a redistribution plan.”

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Posted by BP @ 10/16/2005 01:06 PM PDT
Darfur: “The AU mission is trying to monitor the many violations of a truce in Sudan’s western region.”

I’m sorry, but that’s so sad it’s funny.

Posted by BP @ 10/16/2005 01:10 PM PDT

The parliamentary govenment has always been a little confusing to me…and this is a good illustration of it. Basically, what’s-her-name won…but not by a lot, so she (and her party) have to give up a bunch of key positions to the opposing party.

It just seems a little shady to me…but I’m sure our legislature with it’s lobbyists and campaign finance fiascos coupled with an overactive judiciary is equally as confusing.

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