Tuesday, November 01, 2005
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You know how every Friday Mr. and Mrs. Jones has a little more pep in their step and is a little more open to spending money? I mean, usually Friday afternoons is gravy time right? You just get off work, possibly early, and finally receive that hard earned dough.

Yun-ju and I are beginning to realize we are not the typical Mr. and Mrs. Jones. I am still getting a measley stipend, but every other Friday Yun-ju gets paid and we are down in the dumps. She is almost on the verge of tears for every paycheck. I have to console her and wipe her tears. “Why do I work so hard so the government can take all my money?” Roughly 30% of every dollar comes right off the top. Columbus has the #17th highest “local” [LOCAL!] income tax in the country, and a 7% sales tax on top of it. All to pay for dilapidated schools and hardly any public transportation.

Plenty of cops though. hmmm.

I always find these encounters so charming, however. Every time Yun-ju rants on taxes, I think, “Oh, we really are meant to be together.”

Posted at 10:38 pm by Johnny B

Posted by Jordan @ 11/03/2005 12:59 PM PST
I hear you. I’m giving up 40% every check.

Posted by Johnny B @ 11/03/2005 01:28 PM PST
Can you claim school loan repayment off your taxable income? It’s time for you to get a mortgage and have kids, Jordan, in order to keep any of your money. Even then you’ll still get hammered!

Bi-weekly Right Wing Newsletters
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