There is so much talk about this that you guys MUST have read some articles on it. But just in case you didn’t, you need to look at this race for Senator in Maryland. Michael Steele, you may or may not remember, was the guy who MC’d the Republican National Convention last year in NY. When he ran for Lieutenant Governnor he was pelted with Oreos and called an Uncle Tom and everything else because he is a (GASP!) black conservative.

None of this, in and of itself, is shocking; it happens all the time. However, you can say this has been taken a LITTLE too far. The REAL offensive part of the whole thing is that the leadership of the Democratic Party, instead of condemning it has said his race is “fair game” as a target in this campaign.

I’m so sick of this kind of perverse double standard, that I can’t even think of anything else to say.

Instead of picking out an article (there are many) I just Googled “Michael Steele” for you. The conservative media can’t stop talking about it, but there are a few apologists on the other side as well. One might notice that the Washington Post has decided not to cover it AT ALL!

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