Tuesday, November 08, 2005
Election Day
I just have to say I hate RINOs, Republicans in Name Only, who run right on election day (and bring up gay marriage and death penalty and the like) and govern and spend like democrats. This is especially common with Senators, but now in Ohio we have a crazy high taxes with surprisingly few services. Now our brilliant governor Taft is trying to issue bonds (the republican version of raising taxes) to essentially write a blank check for the state. Everyone is explicit about saying this is not a tax hike, and of course the democrats are on board. Last year Taft tried this and got hammered, now it is an off-year so it looks like it will pass. Schwarzenegger issued bonds, too, but he at least had a democratic congress blocking his spending cuts. Ohio is run completely by republicans! All of the local taxes that pass are offered in off years, it seems.

Democrats in OH have to be clever. Outside of Cleveland, Democrats don’t have much of a foothold. Their websites are better than the GOP, with printable tickets for the college kids. The GOP website wanted me to register, I guess so they could email me every day. Also the GOP site didn’t have a printable ticket. Not a good sign, I think. Anyway none of the Democratic candidates mention anything about being a democrat.

A good example is Jay Perez, a guy running for judge here in Columbus. I read his bio, a former cop, son of a Cuban immigrant, sounds like a good guy. Then I see this quote:

“As Supreme Court Justice, Oliver Wendell Holmes said, the life of the law is experience, not logic.”

Now all I really know about OWH is that he was the best supreme court judge ever and we should all bow down and revere him. Bar none. No question. But the more I think of that quote, the more I think it just doesn’t pass the puke test. I mean, wouldn’t one have to experience an event to truly judge it? If you are judge in a piracy case, do you have to be a pirate? Victim of piracy? Then I start reading about how Justice Holmes was influenced by Malthus, sheesh, I feel like slapping my 6th grade history teacher. The only thing expanding to Malthusian proportions these days are government spending and regulation.

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Election Day
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