Apparently mosques are being attacked, too.

Police detained 206 people during the night, during which youngsters attacked a primary school in Savigny-Le-Temple southeast of Paris and destroyed its creche.

Two shops were destroyed in Rambouillet, southwest of Paris, and a person on a scooter threw two fire bombs at a mosque and in the southern town of Carpentras before fleeing.

There was no major damage and no one was hurt but Chirac, Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin and the French Council of the Muslim Faith (CFSM) swiftly condemned the attack.

(Nice to know what these guys priorities are! JIB)

“We firmly ask the authorities in particular to protect our mosques, which seem to be becoming the target of violent demonstrations and provocations,” the CFSM said.

Wikipedia has a good table and graphic on the extent of the damage. Troublemakers in Greece, Spain, Belgium. Apparently there is a big plan to riot in Brussels as well.


It’s not ending
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