Not really political, but more cultural. My sister works at Mount Carmel, the Catholic school my nephews go to. Once K’Trina refugees started settling down here and there, Mount Carmel opened it’s doors, as did everywhere else. So, when these kids came in the teachers let the kids introduce themselves by name. One girl, named L’quisha (or something equivalent, the name wasn’t spread around), was asked to spell her name.

The girl said, “L….comma-to-the-top…Q…U…I…etc.”

Well, a couple of weeks later, at the Halloween party, one of the teachers put a makeshift apostrophe on her head. She was “comma-to-the-top” Yun-ju nearly cried she laughed so hard when I told her the story.

The other day, Yun-ju was looking to get a catalogue for “L’Occitane” a French lotion company. She asked me how to spell it.

I said, “L…apostrophe ( at this point we both realized the true spelling is “comma-to-the-top” and burst out laughing again).

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That’s funny stuff…

K’Trina Refugees
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