I’d like to comment on Gahagan’s post from last Tuesday regarding the lawsuit against a school.


I read this last night in Hayek’s “Law, Legislation, and Liberty”

Life in a free market society is “…wholly analagous to a game, namely a game partly of skill and partly of chance…It proceeds, like all games, according to rules guiding the actions of individual participants whose aims, skills, and knowledge are different, with the consequence that the outcome will be unpredictable and that there will regularly be winners and losers. And while, as in a game, we are right in insisting that it be fair and that nobody cheat, it would be nonsensical to demand that the results for the different players be just.”

Or like we said back in school, “Tough titty!”

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Posted by BP @ 11/21/2005 04:39 PM PST
Very well put….
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