Get down = Get out of your car. My Mom says this comes from “Get down off your horse” Down home we get down at the grocery store, get down at the pharmacy, get down at the cheapo depot etc. From now on I’ve decided this makes perfect sense, and I will continue to get down everywhere I go (cue “Jungle Boogie”). The world would be a better place if everyone got down instead of “getting out of the car”. So let it be heard from central Ohio to eastern Texas, “get down” is here to stay!

Icebox. Really, who wants to say refrigerator? “Icebox” is easy to say and it makes perfect sense. Also, this is a direct translation of the mandarin (i.e. chinese) word for…well, icebox. Double whammy! Thus it is decreed, icebox is the official term for “white goods” in my little section of central Ohio.

South Louisiana lexicon
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