A Katrina criticism that made me think

As we all know, Mitch “My Name is Landrieu” Landrieu is running for mayor. I talked with my Mom about this, and how I thought Mitch “Do you know who I am?” Landrieu would be worse than Nagin. Chocolate city aside, Nagin, for his part, is not an establishment Democrat.

“That doesn’t excuse incompentence.” Mom said. No argument there.

Then this, “If Katrina would have happened when Edwin Edwards was Governor, it wouldn’t have been the chaos we saw with ‘expletive’ Blanco.”

Interesting point, coming from someone who didn’t vote for Edwards since ’84, and supported his incarceration. I think much of Blanco’s hesitation had to do with the fact she was taking marching orders from the democratic party, whereas Edwards was much more of an alpha male, and Louisiana was his backyard, and he would have done what he had to, democratic party or no. Given a republican president was in office, it is an interesting thought. There definitely wouldn’t have been the dissent in the ranks from the mayor of NOLA when Edwin Edwards was governor, that’s for sure.

That being said, I can’t wait for Nagin to be gone, but I hope that Landrieu is NOT his replacement.

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