Really surprised to see this one. From Reuters, a story from Alexandria about blue-dog Democrats:

A quote: “There’s a philosophical shift where the common-sense party is Republican,” said Quint Carriere, who leads a local group of Republican activists. “Where your granddaddy was a Democrat, in today’s terms he’s a Republican.”

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Also, a story on Mardi Gras, with parade floats labeled, “Mold Lives here.”

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Posted by BP @ 03/05/2006 03:03 PM PST
I like the little comment about their finding another Bill Clinton. The only hope the Democrats ever have is a southern governor. If Mark Warner were to somehow take out Hillary, there wouldn’t be a Republican to stand against him. He would win Virginia, and it would be over.

But it’ll never happen, because the man is way too normal.

Is this Reuters?
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