Eminent domain : it’s not just for the poor and middle class anymore. A quote:

The mayor even went on television twice recently to brag about his plan. He told WNBC reporter Greg Cergol that turning Deepdale [me: a currently private golf club] into “a village golf course exclusively for the village residents” would be a nice “amenity” for them. According to the reporter, the mayor explained that “his goal” is “to turn Deepdale into a private club for his village’s 5,000 residents.” And he told Channel 12’s Bill Mooney that his plan would “increase property values”–private property values–in North Hills.

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Posted by BP @ 03/29/2006 05:20 PM PST
This is absolutely scary stuff…how “eminent domain” has ever made it past the SCOTUS, I’ll never know.

Eminent Domain
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