Apologies for the hodgepodge:

This sort of thing drives me crazy. A perfect example of how liberal academia will jump through any hoop to celebrate “diversity” even at the expense of common sense:


Courtesy of our good friend Gahagan (who has been too busy studying for the bar to contribute lately). Here’s a couple of articles on the recent comments by Oliver Thomas, who made some comments about who should and shouldn’t make a bee-line back to New Orleans to live in public housing. Namely he indicated that those who are not going to work, should not bother coming back:


NRO’s Rich Lowry comments on how the Dubai port issue is the best chance that the Democrats have of coming up with a real foreign policy strategy. He goes on and points out how easy it could be to walk down that road and end up the “isolationist” or “nativist” party:


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Taliban, Katrina, and Democratic Foreign Policy

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