I know there are many different views of Israel here at Logipundit, but I think we could agree on one point: It isn’t smart to kidnap their soldiers. I have had some interesting Israel-tourists work in the lab over the years, and I was talking with one yesterday about this…basically it seems the U.S. goes to bat for Israel at the U.N. and in general (aid etc.), but Israel is only out for Israel.

Posted at 07:39 am by Johnny B

Posted by BP @ 07/17/2006 06:59 PM PDT
Definitely not smart to kidnap their soldiers; I love the way the article puts “major escalation” in quotes, and informs us that noone was injured in the attacks in Haifa. So it’s OK for people to attack Israel as long as they suck so bad, they can’t hit their targets.

Israel drops leaflets to let everyone know they need to get out (never a good idea in my opinion–as if Hezbollah is gonna say, “hey this doesn’t apply to us, does it?”), and they’re lashed out at by EU, etc. for overreacting…meanwhile “it’s ONLY two little soldiers that were kidnapped, and at least THEIR missiles didn’t hit anybody…” as if the missiles were just gestures of friendship.

Posted by Johnny @ 07/18/2006 09:46 PM PDT
My Mom would call those, “love taps”.
Dumb move
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