For a very candid interview with a British member of Parliament, George Galloway, in which he agrues positions with a SKY NEWS anchor woman :

He echoes my exact sentiments on Israel’s Lebanon campaign and tangentially discusses how Israel can achieve peace, and that is by letting justice occur by seeing Israel evacuate the OT, all of them, The West Bank, East Jerusalem, get the IDF out of the Gaza, and return the Golan Heights to Syria, and return Sheba Farms to Lebanon.

Please view :

Posted at 06:26 pm by Scottie

Posted by Johnny @ 08/23/2006 08:25 AM PDT

There is a short list of people I will dismiss with ad hominem attack, and Galloway is one of them. He considered the defeat of the Soviet Union the biggest catastrophe of his life. It is one thing to criticize American and Israeli aggression while ignoring Soviet and/or Arab aggression, which I find happens a lot on this site, it is quite another to celebrate the victory of opposing aggressors, as Galloway often does. He also profited from the oil for food program, no surprise there. He is certainly clever and this girl (and our American senators) were no match for him linguistically. “The best defense is to offend”.
What say you about the Avivim massacre of school children? Media creation or justifiable freedom fighting? Last I checked George Washington didn’t blow up British schoolchildren.

Posted by Scottie @ 08/23/2006 05:00 PM PDT
look at the numbers on both sides if you are going to quote numbers ….

i dont care one bit if this guy in other situations has said some questionable things, i will tell you he said the right things in this interview; in my opinion he could have said more

read the annual reports of amnesty, human rights watch, btselem, physicians for human rights – israel, public committee agaist torture and see how they portray the treatment of palestinians by israel. then after this, offer a reply, if you can

when you say “the best defense is to offend” you are effectively dismissing any arguments made, regardless of their merits

i’ll ignore the current israeli actions against the palestinians :

1183 dead lebanese civilians
970,000 lebanese refugees

116 idf soldiers killed (in battles started by their country)
42 dead israeli civilians

and for what ? 2 allegedly “kidnapped” israeli soldiers , who happened to be “kidnapped” while on the lebanese side of lebanon (AKA captured)

the complete devastation of lebanese infrastructure
the deliberate bombing of the UN compound in the south (if you say otherwise i will flood you with relevant data)

there ARE thousands of prisoners rotting in israeli jails, many without any charge, both palestinian and lebanese, and you expect the other parties to simply accept the status quo as acceptable, given the sheer volume of UN resolutions israel defies.

i do realize the atrocities committed against israel, and will not downplay them at all

however, the data point to more damning conclusions of israel than the other groups involved in this current conflict, and historic conflicts as well

if you want me to quote numbers on both sides since the 2nd intifada , i will ( i know them off the top of my head) but they again point to damning conclusions about israel

israel has had 39 years to comply with UN 242, and it would come into compliance when it releases the Golan back to Syria, dismantles settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, releases the Sheba Farms area captured in the 18year occupation of lebanon

galloway was right : no justice , no peace, and he was also correct in saying that major media outlets place more value on israeli blood than they do palestinian and lebanese blood

and i couldnt care less what he said about russia and communism ; that was then this is now

he could have been a moron his whole entire life, but what he said in this clip has a moral and factual basis, and i applaud his courage

Posted by BP @ 08/23/2006 05:47 PM PDT
I’m sorry, Scottie…I’m sure you have good points, but to dismiss as irrelevant someone’s past and motives is a little chickenshit.

If I got on here and started pointing out how well Donald Rumsfeld handled a press conference (and he has had some good moments), you would spend 2000 words telling me how evil he is and how much he has gained from the evil American military-industrial complex, and would dismiss any of his claims as irrelevant as such.

Also, I’ve missed a lot of media coverage over the last couple of weeks, but from what I have seen, I have not seen ONE that granted more value to Israel over Lebanese lives. I HAVE however continuously seen very favorable coverage on the humanitarian efforts of Hezbollah.

Posted by BP @ 08/23/2006 07:14 PM PDT
BTW did Johnny quote any numbers?

Posted by Johnny @ 08/23/2006 08:07 PM PDT
For mathematicians everything comes down to numbers.

Posted by Eric (my real name) @ 08/23/2006 11:20 PM PDT
I think the questions may be:

1. Did Galloway make any valid points in this interview?
2. What were they?
3. Should we adjust our thinking because of them?

Then again, we probably shouldn’t consider any of these questions since he is undoubtedly a communist.

We all know the little red bastards have no good points to make.

Posted by BP @ 08/24/2006 11:51 AM PDT

And to answer your question:

1) No
2) N/A
3) No

He did manhandle his interviewer, though, which I thought was impressive…and that’s the main reason the interview has been tossed around as much as it has.

He was rude and he was obnoxious and could have made the same points (that we’ve all heard before) without being an asshole…but of course Sky News is a Murdock company isn’t it? So Lord knows he can’t just answer her questions, because those Right Wing Nuts never ask questions without an obvious motive behind them.

Posted by Name @ 08/26/2006 06:59 AM PDT
some of the responses to my response are quite ridiculous.

first of all, i consider arguments on a basis of their validity. galloway made valid arguments. you can deny that he did, but you are not indicating how his arguments are invalid, to your line of thinking. my point is : make a counter-argument with supporting data, but do not dismiss by slander.

number 2, math people dont always look at numbers johnny b. your response there is a red herring, a nice little distraction from the content.

third, concerning the chickenshit status of my dismissing galloway’s past :

you missed my point entirely dude
so again, i’ll make it, and hope you have a clear head when you read it this time, not blinded by your own political biases :

if you disagree with someone who believes in socialism for purely ideological reasons, that’s fine, but that does not mean the socialist isn’t aware of issues pertaining to the middle east and justice. even if you disagree with galloway’s past stances on OTHER issues, that does not address his arguments about media bias in reporting on israel which is real, that does not address the distortions which abound on the israel-hezbollah war, that does not address the fundamental forces which led to the conflict, namely 40 years of injustice in the OT, and 24 years of injustice in lebanon.

i think it is chickenshit to only rely on galloway’s stances on past issues which are unrelated, and not deal with what he said.

the majority of people in the world, not the propagandized masses in the US but the world, do believe that israel is a terrorist state. this is one point he made. now, from a logical standpoint, if you disagree with this comment, then dammit make a counter-argument with supporting evidence.

to be precise, no johnny b did not quote a number , but he did quite an incident.

do you think i cant quote deir yassin, jenin, shatila and sabra, rafah, hebron and the squatters, and many other incidents which portray israel in a negative light ? for each innocent israeli life taken by palestinian miltant groups there are around 7-8 innocent palestinians slaughtered by the idf and/or illegal israeli settlers (who never get prosecuted either)

if you read amnesty reports or human rights watch reports or btselem reports or public committee against torture reports or physicians for human rights – israel reports, you would see the almost identical conclusions being reached by the mainstream human rights groups which field their own autonomous research staffs, and reach virtually the same set of conclusions.

i guess all these groups are anti-semitic as well ….

let me include some famous quotations that show the institutional treatment of palestinians historically :

amazing interview with candid Brit

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