I read the whole debate before I say anything on the previous post. I don’t want to enrage anybody, but a story just came out today which discusses the conflict between business and religion, and law each supports. Wal-mart and co. are pushing for more and more alcohol in it’s stores, including political campaigning in dry counties throughout the south. It is increasingly difficult to talk about any religious beliefs in any sphere without bumping into government regulation and control. Here in Ohio there has been a long sustained push for gambling, you know, to help the children. The only groups organized enough to fight gambling (i.e. a calculated extraction of cash from typically the poor that goes straight to big business with a cut to the state) are the churches. If Christians, etc. are model citizens but sit on their hands politically, they may find family members in debt and broke, and that affects them personally too.

That being said it is tacky to have jets flying and an American flag in a church.

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Posted by BP @ 08/13/2006 10:49 PM PDT
there you go…a couple of issues that are much better suited for the debate of religion and politics: drinking and gambling.

Thank you. Agree on both points.

Government encroaches everywhere
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