To open up the discussion on the blogsite, I would like ANY blogger to state their position on whether the decision to invade Iraq was right or wrong.
If your position has changed since 2003, please note how it has changed.
If you claim that the Iraq invasion and occupation was the right course of action, please include your reasons why.
If you argue that the Iraq episode was not justified, then or since other issues have come to the forefront, please note underlying arguments as well.

John McCain recently stated the he feels thats the 2006 mid-term elections might turn out to be a referendum on the Iraq war, so I feel this discussion is important and timely.

Below I am posting 2 articles, one discussing Chuck Hagel, whom I respect greatly, and the other written by Stephen Zunes, a professor at USF, and I know it might vex some to learn that the 2nd article concerns the US, Israel, and Lebanon’s Hezbollah, but it is quite informative, and really puts certain issues in their proper perspectives.


Posted at 07:21 pm by Scottie

Posted by Emily @ 08/23/2006 09:55 PM PDT
Hi Scottie,

I only read the second article…very interesting concepts. It paints Israel as a possible (probable) puppet of the US and it is Israel’s reluctance to rebut its puppeteer that eggs on the anti-Zionist sentiment in the Middle East. I don’t know if I buy that Israel is dumb enough to be puppeteered if the counter action by Hezbollah was indeed so easy to determine; that result being full out war. Hezbollah leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah, has said: “There is no solution to the conflict in this region except with the disappearance of Israel.” If this Hezbollah leader is not full of b-s, then why does Israel have to ponder why to attack? If they had to choose between 1) the US wants us to do this…oh the pressure, and 2) Hezbollah wants to eliminate us, then I would say the puppeteer, if there actually was one, would be #2.

On another note, I agree to some extent the right of a people to defend them. However, Hezbollah’s intention is not that of defense; it is that of elimination of Israel (unless it has changed since the “official” start of the organization in the 80’s). What should be Israel’s motivation not to defend its own self from annihilation?

Posted by Scottie @ 08/27/2006 10:27 PM PDT
hey emily

as this blog has slipped to the 2nd page, i have no reason to believe you will ever read this reply

i just read your comments

i must say that your comments this time were much more lucid and poignant than those of your last post

you ask some very good questions, and make some good points as well

as far as israel being a puppet, the state of israel certainly is not

sometimes, it abides by the wishes of the US and sometimes not

despite the enormous foreign aid packages our taxpayers pay for, it listens to the US when it wants to

i know zunes paints the picture of israeli acquiescence in his article

the bottom line is that if israel did not want to punish hezbollah independently, it would not have taken its course of action

if bush, in fact, told olmert to target hezbollah specifically and lebanon generally, and this also fit in with the israeli agenda, which it did mind you, then i can believe that israel felt justified in its actions

i dont think bush ordered it and olmert followed the order as zunes suggested

it is the case that bush’s agenda and olmert’s agenda coincided, in my opinion

but good post, and keep following the pertinent issues



Iraq : Right or Wrong?
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