This is just insane. Apparently Pat Robertson experiences a few hot days, and all of a sudden he’s a “convert” for global warming. I don’t know what’s most asinine, the idea that somewhat can be “converted” by a few record hot days, or the idea that because there’s a few hot days means it’s humanity’s fault.

Plus, if it’s the sign of the second coming…(if I recall my Revelation, I believe REALLY HOT temperatures is part of the deal), then why wouldn’t it be human’s fault? That would kind of make sense. So why did he need this week to come up with this conclusion? That would be a really good connection that would have people sending money to the 700 Club wouldn’t it?

Personally, I’m pretty sure the debate on whether humans and our polution are to blame is still going (even though many seem to make the conclusion that “the debate is over” and “all scientists agree”, when all they really agree on is that it’s getting hotter…not why.)

By the way, if anyone wants to lay out an argument either way, I’d love to hear it, but please don’t tell me a few hot days in the dead of summer that broke records by about 1 degree provides “evidence” of human causes of global warming.

It’s almost like the abortion/pro-choice debate. Both sides continually talk past each other, because one side is talking about the sanctity of life and the other side is talking about the sanctity of personal freedom, and in both cases they both actually agree with each other but avoid the true scientific question: when does human life begin? And since noone knows the answer, all we hear is:

“Environmentalist Wacko!” or “right-wing greedy capitalist”

All that being said…DAMN it was hot today.

Pat Fricking Robertson

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