Does anyone believe that Joe Wilson and Valerie Plame are going to sue Dick Armitage?

Here’s an article about how one must walk a thin line to still keep this as a White House conspiracy to get revenge on Joe Wilson:

And another on how Chris Matthews thinks the Dick Armitage admitting that he was the link is just too….complicated. Apparently the Scooter Libby/Karl Rove connection is much simpler, though:

National Review Blog

Now does anyone wonder about the timing here? Why now? I’m only asking because I can’t really figure it out? Wait a second, though…is this the guy that Biden wants to run the Defense Department?

A couple articles on Armitage

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  • As a brit I am an obsessive follower of the US Right. But one thing I can’t understand is why the right are so devided from the left in the US when you are much closer together ideologically than the different parties in the UK.

    It seems to me that to you nothing good can come from the left…is that true??

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