Wonkette reports that America’s angriest senior citizen is in the hospital today. According to CNN, Rumsfeld chose to have surgery to “repair a torn rotator cuff in his left shoulder.”

The Pentagon claims an “old athletic injury” was to blame, but we’ve heard he actually hurt his shoulder while strangling the authors of the grim new Defense Department report on Iraq that was dumped Friday evening just as Washington emptied for the holiday.

Rumsfeld has elective surgery [CNN]

Rumsfield has last human part replaced

7 thoughts on “Rumsfield has last human part replaced

  • the damage has been done.
    replacing rumsfeld with someone else with bush’s agenda won’t solve anything.
    the vision of this admin is what should be replaced, not necessarily by a democratic vision, but simply by a more just, more moral vision.

    i don’t understand how a person can be pro-war and pro-life simultaneously as one stance upholds the sanctity of all life while the other stance allows for the wanton destruction of life.

    i know i am going to take some attacks on this statement, where 9-11 will be invoked, as well as omni-present terrorist threat, but i would like to direct all readers to the following on-point article by matthew rothschild, the editor of the Progressive, and a frequent writer on commondreams :


    please comment after reading the article in its entirety



  • do you feel that someone that who supports the war in Iraq is “Pro-war?” Is all war “wanton destruction of life” Pretty insane. And what in the world does that have to do with abortion? I think a better comparison with abortion might be the death penalty…but I digress.

    So are you saying (or is Matthew saying) that Islamic Fundamentalism is not as much a threat as Hitler or Stalin…if so, that’s fine…at what point do you feel that they could be a threat? Is it not possible they could ever be a threat? And is the only thing you consider a threat the ability to completely annihilate or take over the American continent. Is there no other level of threat that one should take seriously?

    I’m sort of confused…is there no threat at all and it’s just being overblown? Or are we just not doing the right things to address the threat, or doing the wrong things to make the threat worse?

    And if Hitler WAS a threat and Stalin WAS a threat (unlike those irrelevant terrorists that killed 3000 people on our soil which…let me think…nope Stalin NOR Hitler never managed to do) was war with them “wanton destruction” or was America just militaristic or “pro-war” by finishing WWII?

  • OH…and thanks for not saying Rumsfeld should be replaced, because I would probably go insane. Your buddy Biden was making suggestions today on who should take his place…namely Armitage who is basically his political opponent. Let me think, what are the odds of the sitting president replacing his cabinet members with people he’s ideologically opposed to? What an ass-clown…(sorry hemati to use your favorite appelation).

  • Why would anyone want to replace Rummy? He’s done such a great job – I’m a big fan.

    But seriously – the Prez needs him in office to keep taking the heat and the Dems need him in office to have someone to straw-man.

    The last thing that anyone wants (who wants change in DC) is to see Rummy go. He’s awesome!

  • Amazing how anyone can call what our military does as wanton destruction of life. I’ve watched footage of missiles taking out enemy tanks underneath a bridge, while taking precarious attention to leaving the bridge intact. The terrorists and insurgents, on the other hand. That is wanton destruction of life. They specialize in collateral damage. We mourn it.

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