“Thanks to the brave passage of the Horse Slaughter Prevention Act, the House of Representatives has proven it is more than a cesspool of criminals that never manages to do any legislating.

Yesterday, the House voted 263-146 to ban the slaughtering of American horses for food. Some 90,000 horses are turned into horsemeat every year.

And even though we eat millions of slaughtered cows and pigs every year, we don’t like to eat horses. (Terrorists love to eat horses, so all U.S. horsemeat is exported to Europe and Asia.)

Horse Slaughtering: The New Terrorism? [Time]”

Your congress at work

One thought on “Your congress at work

  • Dude…case in point. Congress has become the most feckless of institutions. I’m surprised they even passed an actual law against slaugtering horses. I felt maybe just a resolution denouncing the horse slaughtering would be more appropriate…we wouldn’t want jeapordize the votes of any horse-eating PACs.

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