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  • Very interesting. The real tragedy is that I can’t see getting behind any of these guys wholeheartedly.

    Being the “Evil Neo-Con” that I am, I actually like Newt…not necessarily for his Israel stance, but because I think he at least understands the Conservative ideals that I think are important.

    However, I thought Bush did, too, and he hasn’t been as conservative as I would like on certain things.

    It does seem odd that Hagel is so low, but I don’t think Haaretz is honest, there. He is so low, and Feingold is so low, because they want us to withdraw from Iraq and they equivocate Palestinian and Lebanese violence with Israeli violence.

    Haaretz obviously doesn’t consider both sides equal in blame. I don’t think it’s because Haaretz doesn’t agree that a Palestinian/Israeli resolution would be worthwhile.

  • I watched a CNN interview with Newt, and he called openly for World War 3.
    That’s nuts man.

    Hopefully, your stances diverge from his in this instance.

    I mentioned the Haaretz article not because of the inclusions, though i found it mildly ironic that the second to last has gone on record calling for a “balanced” foreign policy in the Middle East, which evidently ranked him at the bottom.

    More the point was a foreign newspaper ranks US politicians according to who will best serve their country, not ours.

    All in all, i find Haaretz to be a very good newspaper that certainly offers more dissident opinion on crucial issues than the NYT or the Washington Post does.

    In fact, I recently read an article on Haaretz which questioned if the US alliance was good for Israel …

    I found that to be fairly bold, considering the level of support the US has given Israel since 1967.

  • Also interesting that Condi is lower than Hillary, I guess since Hillary’s been on a pro-Israel hawkish tear. Condi ranked lower because she created the conditions for a Palestinian state. Is Feingold the only Jew on the list…my he is far down too. Must be self-hating, ha! Scottie, I think what you say about Haaretz is true, I think as a result of being in the middle of the situation.

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