I read an article yesterday, and the idea occurred to me to post a few facts on the blogsite, to extract some reactions.

Douglas Feith, Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, and Dov Zakheim all are dual citizens, Israel and the US.

Do you think it represents a conflict of interest when high-level admin officials who have top secret security clearances have dual citizenship, given the recent history of AIPAC’s role in receiving classified information from Pentagon officials and the Jonathan Pollard case?

Wolfowitz, who was in Bush’s ear concerning Iraq after 911 and has since gone on to head the World Bank, had regular briefing sessions with the Mossad.

Do you think there is a conflict of interests here?

Dual Citizenship

5 thoughts on “Dual Citizenship

  • Without knowing any more about it…I don’t believe that anyone working for the Fed should have dual citizenship with any country.

    I wonder if there are any other countries that Federal Bureaucrats have dual citizenship with?

  • got it butch

    i read your post before i read responses to mine

    yeah, i agree, a clear conflict of interests

    i would not have a problem with if the aforementioned did not have top secret security clearance

    the average joe q public cannot have access to this intelligence, but these dual citizens do.

    you should read richard perle’s history of passing classified info to israel long ago.

    wolfowitz was getting regular intelligence briefings from the mossad leading up to iraq war. i would not bring this up were it not for the mossad’s questionable history (the lavon affair, tripoli and the trojan horse)and its motto “by way of deception thou shalt do war”.

    victor ostrovsky was a mossad agent and participated in the mission which planted the trojan horse in tripoli concerning the framing of libya for a german discotech bombing. The US retaliated by bombing libya under reagan.

  • Needless to say, none of you are troubled by the FACT that neither Feith, nor Perle, nor Wolfowitz, nor Zakheim actually hold dual-citizenships. Never let reality intrude on your fantasies.

  • They don’t? Doesn’t surprise me, actually. It’s not MY fantasy. I think we got caught up in the whole hypothetical. Why is it that our friend Scottie is convinced that this is the case?

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