Another article by Richard Viguerie….I’m finding very little that I disagree with this guy about. His theory in this article is that the only way for Conservatives (a label I accept gladly) to win is for the Republicans to lose:

“But a Republican loss of one or both houses of Congress would turn power over to the likes of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. Dare we risk such an outcome…The answer is, we must take that chance. If Big Government Republicans behave so irresponsibly and betray the people who elected them, while we blindly, slavishly continue backing them, we establish that there is no price to pay for violating conservative principles.”

Sad to admit…but is it a way out, or is it just continuation of the same horrible cycle that has plagued us for 50 years?

The show must not go on

Maybe this is the only way for Conservatives to win.

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