Throwing a bone

I actually found a video in which I agree with the good professor at MIT more than I disagree (at least during the second half of the clip). Of course, if Foucault argued with a brick wall I’d be inclined to side with the wall. Chomsky comes off at least as more hopeful of the two. Also posting this as Vietnam, over thirty years since the war, is now begging to crack open our sweet American market. Meanwhile Thailand, Singapore, and even China have improved their respective standard of living considerably the last thirty years, due mainly to their access to American markets. Not exactly “Tearing up Indochina”, I’d say.

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  • this exchange is also included in the dvd “manufacturing consent”

    didnt get much out of their exchange, honestly

    i remember chomsky’s long run-on statement, and really not knowing what the hell he was talkign about.

    i remember the camera panning out into the audience, and they looked captivated, but i suspect the looks of interest were “manufactured” and the majority was feigning comprehension.

  • I’m sure glad you said that.

    Of course I have a great excuse. I don’t even pretend to be intellectual enough to get my arms around this kind of philosophical discussion.

    Actually, I feel a little better now that even the Scottie finds it bewildering.

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