Had read parts of this before, but hadn’t gone through it cover to cover.

Purely insane how relevant this book is to modern affairs. In 46 years, nothing has changed: there is a global threat with a different name, but a similar goal; there is a Republican party who has completely forgotten what Conservatism really means (“Conservatives without conscience”), a Democratic Party who is at least honest when they tell us they are going to take more and more of our money for uses they deem “necessary”.

My favorite parts of the book are Chapter 7 on taxes and spending and Chapter 9 on education. Perfect illustrations of how Liberals and RINOs use emotions and humanitarianism to steal votes and usurp the Constitution (most importantly the Tenth Amendment).

If you claim to be Conservative, this book (along with Viguerie’s) is a must. If you’re not a Conservative, then if you read it, you’ll understand why the terms “Compassionate Conservative” and “Progressive Conservative” (from Goldwater’s day) hold absolutely no meaning to those that understand what Conservative principles really are.

“Conscience of a Conservative” by Barry Goldwater
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