3 thoughts on “Michael Richards

  • It’s downright unsettling to see someone with that much talent slip into a useless tirade such as that.

    He apparently thinks he’s invincible, but I doubt many will have much respect for him after this.

    Now let’s see if he apologizes profusely, goes into rehab, and then tries to meet with black leaders to understand them better.

  • Cynics said Gibson’s apologetic gestures occurred to ave the film “Apocalypto”

    You are right about Michael Richards. People’s respect for him will bottom out.

    I do not think he can apologize for this one. It wasn’t one slip of the tongue. It was repeated 3 or 4 times. If it were a slip of the tongue, one utterance would have clued him in to stop. But he continued. He better plead the “drunk and stupid” defense, not that it will help.

    I am afraid the shame is more than he can bear …

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