Think Progress » Cavuto: America’s #1 Movie, Happy Feet, Is ‘Offensive,’ ‘An Animated Inconvenient Truth’

Look out, America! Hollywood is at it again – pushing environmental awareness on our children!!!

Will these left-wing alarmists ever stop? It’s not enough that they produce feature films with ex-wannabe-presidents that the adults (thankfully) can ignore and mock on our sensible talk-radio shows. Now they are infusing this liberal end-of-the-world crap into cartoon characters and trying to influence the next generation of voters, since this one doesn’t seem to be listening.

Unbelievable. Well, keep your fingers crossed – the planet may give up before these environmental wackos do.

The Al Gore Penguin

One thought on “The Al Gore Penguin

  • The question is…since I just CAN’T bring myself to pay money to see “Inconvenient Truth” (just call me StrawPundit), am I willing to see a bunch of penguins instead?

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