Talk about chutzpah …

One of the leading architects that was happy to beat the drums of war with Iraq before the invasion is now criticizing the very admin he helped persuade to go to war.

Colin Powell warned of war with Iraq, quoting the Pottery Barn principle, “you break it, you buy it”

Can’t wait to hear how this post is twisted by other bloggers on the site ….



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    butch, please read some comments on the israel list concerning addendums and corrections

    tried to call you last night but it seems you were screening LOL

    anyway, i put a few things at the bottom of the post, and i put a few things in the link at the top of the post where you said direct your comments to

    i apologize for that but you need to read my comments from both


  • Perle is obviously jumping on the bandwagon. Wants to have his cake and eat it too, he probably wants to stay on the talk show circuit, and Rumsfeld criticism seems to be the requirement these days. If Rummy wanted to expand army bureaucracy you’d have much less of this criticism. I agree with one of the comments made earlier, it’s time to stop feeding the pigeons in Iraq and start pulling out, once Saddam is dead, which should have happened a couple of years ago.

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