The above is written by Jimmy Carter himself, and the news media have been very busy with reports that have been quite shameful.

A former President tells the truth about things he has witnessed firsthand, and he is being attacked viciously.

It’s funny how the thought police have suggested Carter “plagiarized” some maps from Dennis Ross , maps !

The irony is too much for me . Dershowitz writes a book called “The Case for Israel” and Norman Finkelstein exposes large swaths of plagiarized material from Peters’ “From Time Immemorial”, and though the evidence is overwhelming, nothing happened to Dershowitz’s position or book sales. But when you are a pro-Israel Zionist mouthpiece, you are allowed some latitude.

A former US president writes a book about the deteriorating situation for the Palestinians (which was enforced by the recent findngs of James Baker, Lee Hamilton et al) and the need for a lasting peace settlement, and all of a sudden Carter is a raging anti-semite.

Note that the same guy was responsible for the original Camp David Peace Accords.

I hope the discerning readers do not take seriously this collaberative character-assassination by pro-Israel think tanks, necocon hotbeds, and major media outlets.

More Buzz on Carter
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4 thoughts on “More Buzz on Carter

  • I sincerely doubt that Carter’s book sales or reputation will be affected NEAR as much as Dershowitz’.

    The first thing I ever heard about Dershowitz was that he was a big plagiarizer and I didn’t even know who Norman Finklestein was at the time.

    Think there’s a chance you’re just projected a little into this? I just haven’t seen any major anti-Carterism, where is all of this coming from?

    Not going to comment on his book until I’ve read it? Has anyone grabbed it yet?

  • i just read about 5 articles on google news which referenced it butch

    i like the google news feature because the headline stories are cross-linked to all media with related articles

    very nice feature

    anyway, there is plenty of buzz on the Carter book, butch

  • Buzz sure…just didn’t see it was overwhelmingly negative. There should be SOME negative buzz, shouldn’t there? Why should we all just take what President Carter says without question. Would you take a book by President Bush without question and not embrace the negative “buzz”, because you know you already disagree with him.

    Besides, most of the negativity is coming from areas where you sort of would expect negativity. People who have already made up their mind.

    You’re right about the map thing…just don’t see the point in that. Even NRO made a big deal out of it.

    Washington Post says the book “sparks debate”. Not quite negative. The only thing the NY Times said was that a Fox news commentator accused him of copying the map. Fox News….hmm…can’t imagine why THEY would be non-Carter fans. Fox News is not the “thought police” and reporting what Ross says is not “shameful.”

    The only real story is the resignation of the director of the Carter Center’s Middle East program, who said it was full of factual errors.

    Maybe there were errors. What if there were? Is that not possible? Is it not also possible that Carter has a political agenda? Does that mean it’s an evil conspiracy or that it isn’t THAT great of a book. I just don’t know.

    Kudos to Carter on Camp David and for neutralizing Egypt, but that does not mean that noone has the right to critique his book–except for the stinking maps…I mean who cares.

    I’m going to hold off on commenting about the book any more until I have read it, and then thoughtfully comparred it with that scholarly piece of work, “The Case for Israel”. :o)

  • Oh and by the way…book sales are rarely hurt by controversy, but more often than not are enhanced by it.

    Think his book will do OK. I’m buying it.

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