Not sure if bloggers on Logipundit are aware of Ehud Olmert’s faux pas last week in which he unwittingly admitted publicly that Israel has nuclear weapons.

Many in Israel called for his immediate dismissal as prime minister, so don’t attempt to downplay this issue guys.

It has been the longstanding Israeli policy to maintain their nuclear ambiguity, but Olmert’s admission raises further questions on nuclear double standards i n the context of the Middle East.
W’s policy must be amended as the US’s chief ally in the region has gone on record saying they have nuclear weapons.

So much for the rhetoric of keeping the Middle East nuclear free, joke.

Not many Americans know that in 1977 US Congress passed legislation that made it taboo to give foreign aid to ANY country that secretly developed nuclear weapons. Chomsky made the point long ago that US officials are backed into a corner when discussing nuclear ambitions in the Middle East, as EVERY SINGLE US DOLLAR SENT TO ISRAEL SINCE 1977 VIOLATES OUR OWN LAW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now it is out in the open. But you can bet your housenote that the US admin won’t even address this issue. You must dig to find mention of it in the presses in the US. Abroad, the articles are running wildly on this issue.

Iran is the next target, and it won’t be because of its anti-Israel rhetoric ; it will be because of the blog 2 down from this one.

Good luck spinning this one spinmasters !

Olmert’s Faux Pas
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5 thoughts on “Olmert’s Faux Pas

  • Since you admit that coverage of this comment by Olmert are scarse, can you site your source, this would be helpful in pondering the meaning of it all…that said, of course the U.S. will protect Israel but I suspect that privately, there is alot of discussion. The Administration has wakened to the notion of subtlety in international relations, not necessarity appeasement as some fear…In the end it’s understandable that Israel is terrified but how/who supplied the nukes? That’s a good question.

  • Mamacita,

    How many times did you witness coverage of Olmert’s comments by FOXNEWS, CNN, MSNBC, et al?

    The coverage would have been quite timely as Gates admitted in his confirmations that Israel did, in fact, have nuclear weapons.

    It is rather hard to “prove” something does not exist.

    If the international media is covering the story, and the US media is not, then why?

  • yes scottie…but how do we know it actually happened? She’s asking you to prove something does not exist but that it does.

    So “prove your fantastic claim”, why don’t you.

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